our core professional discipline........

Architecture is our core professional discipline. The Practice currently has 3 architectural teams each headed by a Director assisted by an Associate.  Each Director, along with his design and technical staff, remains with the project from inception to completion. This maintains continuity of the personnel and of the design and technical disciplines essential to every successful project. Each ‘small but perfectly formed’ team operating individually is small enough to be competitive and offer a personal service on even the smallest of domestic projects. However, by grouping together the individual teams we are able to quickly assemble considerable resources capable of dealing with the many multi-million pound projects the Practice has undertaken. The Practice does not specialize in any particular category of architecture but has, over the years, built up a nucleus of suitably qualified staff who themselves specialize to a greater or lesser degree and therefore are able to offer a professional and efficient service based on a wealth of experience.

The Practice was formed on the principles of professional service and throughout its long existence it has endeavoured to uphold these principles. This emphasis on service, reliability and a high degree of professionalism has, over the years, attracted and retained clients requiring a wide range of construction projects the width and breadth of the U.K. Our approach to projects, large or small, is based on the same philosophy – that the client’s requirements should be satisfied in a practical, efficient and professional manner, resulting in a project of lasting architectural value within an agreed timescale and to a foreseeable cost. This is acknowledged by the Practices’ enduring legacy and extensive list of retained clientele.

Our Architectural staff are mostly either registered Architects, Chartered Architectural Technologists or Technicians, are appropriately qualified and are members of their respective professional institutions such as RIBA, CIAT, etc. They observe and uphold their professional bodie’s code of conduct which requires them to undertake a minimum of 35 hours per year continuous professional development (CPD).

As part of our compliance with ISO 14001 we operate on a ‘paper light’ basis and all of our work is produced digitally and stored in ‘the cloud’ allowing us to work from virtually anywhere. We employ the very latest software and associated technology to assist us in the efficient and professional execution of our work; all of our staff have dedicated CAD workstations and in addition to the usual word processing and spreadsheet packages  all of our design work is undertaken in BIM (Building Information Modelling) using cutting edge 3D parametric ‘Archicad’ software. In addition all staff have access to NBS ‘Building’ for specification writing/reference and NBS’s ‘Contract Administrator’ for cost control and contract certification and MS Project for project programming, progress monitoring and performance analysis.