Call for possible future housing sites in Stoke

In order to comply with national policy SOT City Council is undertaking a review of sites available within Stoke on Trent in order to demonstrate a future supply of housing. As a consequence all landowners, agents and the wider public are invited to submit details of any potential housing sites of 0.25hecatres or larger. This window of opportunity is open from 16th March until 4th May 2012 and so now is the appropriate time to bring any possible sites forward.  Whilst the council will consider all representations in the wider context of availability it should be noted that that there is no guarantee that the land will be considered suitable.

Copies of the methodology, all guidance notes and site representation pro-forma can be obtained from the City Council’s web site at or alternatively contact us and our team would be happy to assist you by preparing a written representation on a fixed fee basis.

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