project management


1 | time, cost & quality

Our project management services can be utilised as part of a ‘full’ architectural service or in isolation and correct management of a project will bring substantial benefits to the three main aspects of any project, namely time, cost and quality.

Time – We can ensure that the project deadlines are met by careful co-ordination of the processes and events which come together to produce your building – right from inception through construction to completion. We can also mitigate any delays which might be caused by unforeseen and unavoidable events to reduce their impact on the completion date.

Cost – By keeping an eye on things from a cost point of view we can make sure that the project remains affordable. Our in-house Quantity Surveying services ensure that the cost of any design changes can be advised upon interactively and the client is always kept in the picture.

Quality – Our architectural design and envisioning skills mean that we can design a high level of visual and technical quality into your project. Constant monitoring and liaison with contractors will mean that this level can be maintained on site through to completion, and we will react to any construction problems with timely innovative and robust solutions to deliver you the best possible project on time and within budget.