St Edwards RC School

Selly Park, Birmingham

We were commissioned to design a new BREEAM excellent extension complete six classrooms with ancillary accommodation to in accordance with BB99 to enable the school to migrate from a split site on to a single site facility. Particular focus was placed on sustainable and re-newable green technology and the requirement to provide an ecological teaching hub for the wider community as a whole.

Classrooms were carefully designed to be flexible spaces with emphasis towards a high quality teaching environment with good acoustics and pupil supervision along with an external teaching space for each new classroom. The existing school was also re-planned to improve general circulation though out the School accommodation complete with new well equipped Foundation stage teaching unit. A new main entrance was also designed and constructed to provide the necessary pupil safeguarding to satisfy Ofsted requirements whilst offering staff good supervision of the site access and a providing a focal point for the main entrance to the School.

Client: Catholic Archdiocese of Birmingham (Diocesan Education Service)
Contractor: Interclass
Contract: JCT Standard Form
Contract sum: £1,957,548.00
Timescale: Start – 23 Aug 10