Boston College ‘De-Montford Campus’, Boston, Lincs.

Following a series of aspirational skectch schemes the practice was selected to undertake the conversion of a problematic flat roofed former secondary modern school into a state-of-the-art college campus.

The works consisted principally of the refurbishment and remodelling of an existing 1950’s collection of buildings all of which are steel framed concrete clad CLASP type buildings with flat roofs and extended to the teaching spaces, communal areas, toilets, refectory and lecture hall. The only areas of new build in the project provided the new reception, management centre and general display area. Generally the external areas have been retained except that car parking provison has been increased for staff and visitors.

The concept behind the design was to provide ‘a new face’ to the old buildings in a cost effective and technically sound manner with the aim of establishing a modern, attractive centre that would encourage students to choose this as their preferred palce of study and at the same time create a for the College a campus that is highly acclaimed within the conurbation as well as academic circles. The project was completed in 1995 at a contract value of £1.279m.